I am everyone I've ever met

by algae bloom

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  • 'I am everyone I've ever met' 12"
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these songs were written march - september 2015. they are focused on our greatest personal failures, the gulf that separates our real-world actions from those of our idealized selves, and the ever-present difficulty of living day-to-day which at this point is a background hum barely worthy of acknowledgement.
with time they have become less a cathartic distillation of feeling and more of a catalyst for self-doubt, paeans in the name of unrealised potential. on some days I struggle to grant them any meaning at all. I hope that you can find something in them instead.

available on 12" from wolf town diy, little L records and crust baby records

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June 6th - Norwich Arts Centre


released May 19, 2016

matt - guitar, vocals
leigh - standing drumkit, lyrics, additional vocals on track 7

artwork by braiding
recorded live by phil at jt soar, november 14th 2015
mastered by joe (subsequent mastering)



all rights reserved
Track Name: A Fanfare
I can't catch my breath and in the moment it feels like I never will again. It's for the best. I'll scream until my lungs give out; at least I can say I've achieved something if I can prove to myself I still feel.
Track Name: Lists/Leaves
I'm sorry I've been wistful and half-hearted with my colouring in. All my yellows are pale and I'm sickly with my greens and I'm twisting brickstone red in my teeth until my gums bleed. I can't go out like this, it's unseemly and sort of tongue tripping over teeth; I'm losing pieces of myself in the living rooms of friends. It's a sideways glance I'm done dancing in-between. I'm so well dressed for someone with no sense of self but I'm slipping into being. I'm brimming at the surface of my skin; opening.
Track Name: Safer Scene
No breath is not vital and each thought can inspire; today I come with open lungs to the voices of others and fall deaf to myself
Track Name: Thorns
I wish that my dreams didn't give this garden thorns. And if I thought anything different could exist I'd carve it into the walls of my skull a million times until I went blind inside. But where would I find the ink to paint this picture if I didn't cut my eyes on these spikes every time?
Track Name: "Existential Crisis" As A Wave Machine Setting (Interlude)
Trapped in my skin, eyes closed, I see nothing. Doors closed, open, closed again.
Track Name: untitled.
Wait or wade in; I'm a house fire pouring myself out of my mouth, in a whisper or in bed screaming 'this is how it's done', to the margins, take cover, melt mute on the tip of my tongue. Bite yours like I'm fighting for you. I can speak your truth. I know it so well. Like I'm oh-so loud, I'm burning everything down. Tell me how it is and I'll spill my big puddle of words all over your silence. Cry silver into magpie ears, I'll rust and smother here. I see my dirty lungs hung out to dry, breathing false, dripping these words beside me. Lay this voice limp on the balcony, reeling off everything stuck in these teeth.
Track Name: We Met Upon The Level
Post a letter to myself, leave it on the mat. Write again; let my words pile up by the door. Never leave the house.
Track Name: We Part Upon The Square
In the calm of the eye you'll find me inside a weathervane. Both feet buried in the pavement, at pains not to be aimless. I am everyone I've ever met in stages; some are fading.
Track Name: (;⌣̀_⌣́)
Some long drive home to be told the colour spots the headlights put behind my lids held still everything I've ever seen in a single concertina image. I couldn't believe it, but I didn't open my eyes for weeks.